Meet The Crew

[title type=”h2″ class=””]Tradition & Experience[/title]
[col type=”1_2″ class=””]Captain Ryan– Has been with the Gail Force for 10 years now. He got his start when he was just 14 spending his summers on the Monte Carlo, then moved to the Pursuit and acquired his license at 19. A passionate fisherman and family man; we’ll versed in the sport fishing industry.[/col][col type=”1_2″ class=””][singlepic id=1 h=250][/col][divider type=”divider_thin”]

[col type=”1_2″ class=””]Capt. Shane– (Captain/Deckhand) does it all! From cooking to running the boat, if he’s needed you can bet he will be there with a smile. Shane has been with the Gail Force for 3 years and we look forward to many more years with him on our team. [/col][col type=”1_2″ class=””][singlepic id=10 h=250][/col]

[col type=”1_2″ class=””]TRITON Bryan– (Triton Captain) Capt. Bryan Holtan has been affileated with the Gail Force team for over 17 years. He started as a “pinhead” in the late 90’s. Started working deck with Capt. Ryan in 2003. After 5 years decking aboard the Gail Force Capt Bryan need a change in senery. He left for San Diego in 2008 where he aquired his 100 ton Masters License and honed his skills on deck and in the wheelhouse operating a 90ft overnight/multiday vessel.  After a long 5 years in San Diego Capt. Bryan came back to his roots and is now Captain of theTriton and relief Captian of the Gail Force. We are proud to have Captain Bryan back aboard “Our Team”. [/col][col type=”1_2″ class=””][singlepic id=5 h=250][/col]

[col type=”1_2″ class=””]Kevin– (Chef) Chef Kevin has been fishing his entire life but is some what new to the Sportfishing Boat world. Kevin is an awsome cook and a great people person, not to mention an amazing  fishermen. Kevin will be there when you need him both in the galley and on deck. We are proud to say Chef Kevin is part of the Gail Force/Triton family. [/col][col type=”1_2″ class=””][singlepic id=6 h=250][/col]

[col type=”1_2″ class=””]Mike– (Deckhand) has been apart of the Gail Force ever since the boat was converted to a charter boat in 1996. At the young age of 11, Mike started working the deck during his summer breaks. After years of working aboard the Gail Force he moved onto a few other boats fishing anywhere from local half day to long range trips down off the baja coast. In 2014 Mike found his way back aboard the boat where it all started and we are very happy back! [/col][col type=”1_2″ class=””][singlepic id=8 h=250][/col][divider type=”divider_thin”]

[col type=”1_2″ class=””]Marky– (Galley Cook) has been in and around the Sportfishing scene for years. If you have spent any amount of time on local boats from Redondo to Long Beach there is a good chance you have met Marky a time or two. You won’t find a guy with a more positive attitude than Mark. He’s an amazing people person and will make you food you won’t soon forget! He has joined our crew for 2015 season and we look forward to many more with him aboard! [/col][col type=”1_2″ class=””][singlepic id=9 h=250][/col][divider type=”divider_thin”]

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